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First Type WoE: A smaller analogue of the Kremlin (without cards).
- You can enter in castle with Cards in equip, but they will no effect and bonuses.
Second Type WoE: Bergel - Simple First Edition WoE
Maximum number of guild members: 16
Alliances: OFF
The following skills are disabled: Loki's Veil, Drum on the battlefield, Ring of the Nibelungs, Invulnerable Siegfried, Teleport, Warp, Ice Wall, Rollback, Intimidation, Partner Challenge, Chemist's Summons
Inactive consumables for WoE: Begginer Potions, Light White/Blue Potions, Yggd Berry/Seed, Scrolls Agi/Bless, Kafra card.
Storage cannot be opened in the Castle.


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