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#1 2021-09-14 11:34:40


Inflation system

✪ [Economy Control System] ✪

FluxBB bbcode test Old Blue Box | Old Purple Box
✔ All classic accessories like Ring, Earring, Necklace, Glove, Brooch, Clip, and Rosary and their respective slotted counterparts has now been boosted to have 12/928 Chance. (Before it was 1/928 chance)
✔ All Trans-Renewal items are removed from OBB/OPB (EXCEPT for SPECIALTY JURE).

FluxBB bbcode testOld Card Album
✔ All other cards that aren't part of the episode are removed.
✔ The Paper ; Mobster ; Owl Duke ; Owl Baron Cards are obtainable on OCA with a 1/367 chance(per card) of getting.

FluxBB bbcode testDead Branch / Old Magical Twig
✔ It will do nothing once used.

Nerfed / Removed Loots

✔ Monsters that are summoned by Alchemist Cultivation will not drop any loots.

FluxBB bbcode testOrc Archer Bow has been removed from monster drop to maintain classic weapons for hunters.

FluxBB bbcode testOridecon : Drops on all monsters changed to Rough Oridecon

FluxBB bbcode testElunium : Drops on all monsters changed to Rough Elunium

FluxBB bbcode testProof of Donation : Cannot be sold to NPC

FluxBB bbcode testStiletto : Selling price changed to 4,875z

FluxBB bbcode testRoyal Jelly : Selling price changed to 1,750z

FluxBB bbcode testPiece of Cake : Selling price change to 750z

FluxBB bbcode testPearl : Selling price changed to 1,500z

FluxBB bbcode testStar Crumb : Selling price changed to 1,125z

FluxBB bbcode testFlame Heart : Selling price changed to 750z

FluxBB bbcode testRough Wind : Selling price changed to 750z

FluxBB bbcode testMystic Frozen : Selling price changed to 750z

FluxBB bbcode testGreat Nature : Selling price changed to 750z

FluxBB bbcode testWitherless Rose : Selling price changed to 4,500z

FluxBB bbcode testMastela Fruit : Selling price changed to 2,500z and Drop rate nerfed to 1% Base

FluxBB bbcode testDamascus[2] : Selling price changed to 5,000z

FluxBB bbcode testLittle Evil Wing : Selling price changed to 500z


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