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Skill changes

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Cart Revolution: damage increased up to 500%, does not depend on the fullness of the cart.
Mammonite Zeny consumption is reduced. Level 10 requires 100 Zeny.
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Magnum Break now lvl 5, the damage is the same (as with lvl 6-10). Cast delay reduced from 2 to 1 second. SP cost reduced from 30 to 15. Added 1 s cooldown.
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Double Strafing - Base damage increased from 380% to 500%
Charge Arrow - it can now be used with whips and tools. Cast time removed.
Arrow Shower:
Damage increased up to 125%
Knockback increases per level.

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Throw Sand - Can be used up to 7 tiles away. Damage increased (from 125% to 200%). Blind chance increased to 50%
Envenom - Damage has been increased (+150 to +350 at max level). SP cost reduced from 12 to 8.
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Holy Light - Damage increased to 275%. Cast time lowered to 1 second.
Angelus: VIT-type DEF bonus increased from +50% to 100% at max level.
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Acid Terror: Damage increased from 300% up to 1100% at max level. Chance to break armor removed. Now Strips armor at a rate of 1% per skill level instead of breaking it.
Demonstration: Damage increased from 200% up to 400% at max level. Chance to break weapon removed. Now Strips weapon at a rate of 1% per skill level instead of breaking it.
Bio Cannibalize: Total plants available to be summoned as increased by 5/4/3/2/1 to 6/5/4/3/2. Plants are better.
Chemical Protection: These skills no longer have skill requirements.
Brewing Rate = [(Learning Potion Level × 1%) + (Pharmacy Level × 3%) + (Job Level x 1%) + ((Base Level + 1) x 0.11)]%
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Sonic Blow: damage increased to 1300% at level 10.
Aftercast delay changed to 1 second.
Cooldown of 1.5 seconds added.
No longer has a walk speed or pick up delay after use.
SP consumption rescaled from 14 + 2*SkillLV (34 at max) to 12 + 1* SkillLv (22 at max)
Grimtooth: Splash area 3x3
Enchant Poison: Duration changed to 30 seconds.
Venom Splasher:
HP requirements on target removed.
Detonation timer decreased to 3 seconds.
Cooldown adjusted to be in line with new detonation timer.
Catalyst removed
Cast range increased to 4 cells (from 1 cell)

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Adaption to Circumstances: Cast delay removed
A Whistle: Base flee bonus has been doubled from 10 to 20.
Apple of Idun: Base heal amount doubled from 80 per 6s to 160 per 6s.
Dissonance damage increased from 80 to 170.
Melody Strike and Throw Arrow damage increased from 260% to 465%. Range increased to 11 cells.
Frost Joke and Scream: Range change to 4 cells. Scream effect change to Confusion.
Ugly Dance SP drain increased from 30 to 50.

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Item requirements for weapon forging greatly reduced:  Weapon Materials
Repair Weapon Cast time reduced from 7.5s to 1.5s.
Over thrust Party ATK bonus changed from flat 5% to Skill level x2% (Max 10%).
Full Adrenaline Rush: is now a Class Skill that is automatically granted to the player upon Platinum NPC. 100 SP cost.

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Max level reduced from 10 to 5 .
Total Max HP bonus increased to 2500.
Shield Boomerang :
Damage increased from 250% to 600%.
Aftercast delay changed to 0.5s. Added cooldown (can't be reduced) of 1s.
SP cost reduced from 12 to 9.
Shield Charge:
Damage increased from 200% to 900%
Aftercast delay changed to 0.5s. Added cooldown (can't be reduced) of 1s.
SP Cost increased from 10 sp to 12 sp.
Cure no longer has skill requirements
Holy Cross no longer has skill requirements. SP cost reduced from 20 to 12. Some damage increased.
Grand Cross:
SP costs reduced to 25,30,35,40,45,50,55,60,65,70.
HP cost reduced to 1* SkillLV % from 20% at all levels.

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Claymore deals AoE fire damage in a 7x7 area.
Land Mine deals AoE earth damage in a 5x5 area.
Freezing Trap additionally deals AoE water damage in a 5x5 area.
Blast Mine deals AoE wind damage in a 5x5 area.
Sandman and Flasher is now 7x7 AoE.

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Brandish Spear
Damage increased to 450% minimum.
No longer requires the user to be mounted on a Peco Peco.
Spear Stab Damage increased from 200% to 400%
Spear Boomerang damage increased from 250% to 450%
Bowling Bash: Damage rebalanced to 2 hits of 400% damage.

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Call Spirits Cast time reduced to 0.5 seconds.
Investigate: Is no longer forced neutral and can benefit from elemental advantage based on the Monk's current weapon element.

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Imposito Manus ATK bonus increased from 25 to 45
Magnus Exorcismus:
Pre-requirements changed to only require Turn Undead level 1.
Now hits all monsters.
Duration inreased to 16 seconds from 15 seconds.
After cast delay reduced to 1 second from 4 seconds.
Blue Gemstone catalyst requirement removed.
Max number of hits are decrease to 7.
Lex Divina max level decreased to 5. Aftercast delay removed, 2s cooldown added.
Aftercast delay reduced from 2s to 1s. Added 2s cooldown.
Duration changed to 30s.
Duration is now 30 at all levels instead of 5+(5*SkillLv)

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Backstab: Damage increased from 700% to 1000%, not turns target around.
Preserve is now available for Rogue.
Raid AoE increased to 5x5 and damage increased from 300% to 500% . SP cost reduced from 20 to 15.
Each Strip skill no longer has pre-requisite skill requirements. This means you can skill them in any order.
Formula for success Strip rate changed. Minimum success rate is now 10% and Maximum is 40%.

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Sage now passively gains bonus bolts to all of mage's Bolt skills. +1 Bolt(s) for Levels 1~4, +2 Bolt(s) for Levels 5~9, +3 Bolt(s) for Level 10.
Endow skills:
Does not require elemental stones to cast
Max skill level reduced to 1. Cast time altered to 0.25 seconds
Duration changed to 2 min.
Dragonology MATK bonus increased to match Resistance and ATK, bonuses now also effective against Fish type monsters.
Deluge, Violent, Vulcano Catalysts removed.
Autospell now cast Spells of 5 LVL
Advanced Book now also provides up to 20% ASPD.
Autospell: Now casts a bolt spell at the maximum level learned, up to Auto Spell's current max level.
Free Cast: max level reduced to 5 (Total bonus is the same at max). Attack speed penalty removed.

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Storm Gust:
No longer knocks back.
Cast Time reduced from 5+SkillLV sec to 5+(0.5*Skill Level) seconds.
Aftercast Delay reduced from 5 seconds to 1.5 + (0.1*Skill Level) seconds.
Meteor Storm:
Cast Time reduced from 5+SkillLV sec to 5+(0.5*Skill Level) seconds.
Aftercast Delay reduced from 2 + (0.5*SkillLv) seconds to 1.5 + (0.1*SkillLV) seconds
Lord of Vermillion:
Damage increased.
Cast time changed to 5 + (0.5*Skill Level) seconds
Aftercast Delay reduced from 5 seconds to 1.5 + (0.1*Skill Level) seconds.
Frost Nova:
Max Level reduced to 5.
Is now a spell with 3x3 AoE.
Knocks targets in the area back 2 cells on use. (Targets in the exact center of the AoE are not knocked back)
Skill now has a guaranteed freeze
Cast time changed to 4 - (SkillLv*0.5) seconds
Aftercast delay removed.


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